Myofunctional Therapy

While a pacifier may let you get a bit more sleep or the chance to go to the bathroom alone when your child is still new to the world, sucking on a pacifier is one of the most common causes for myofunctional abnormalities.

Prolonged use of a bottle, thumb/finger sucking and mouth breathing are other common occurrences that lead to the need for myofunctional therapy.

Myofunctional therapy helps improve breathing, bite and orofacial posture. Often, problems with articulation and dental misalignmentare caused by abnormal pressure of the tongue against the teeth during swallowing.These issues are typically visible and therapy services are required to correct them. Therapy may consist of exercises and strengthening to help to correct issues stemming from abnormal lip, jaw or tongue position during rest, eating or speech.

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We have noticed that myofunctional therapy is commonly not sought after until after the poor habits or structural issues begin to impact speech, sleeping and other areas of a child’s life. To learn more about myofunctional therapy and in what ways it may help your child, check out the resources below.

Teaching Techniques

  • Oral Habit Elimination Program

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